Hloov Trademarks

Last Updated: February 2022

The following trademarks are owned by Hloov:


We are an inquisitive team that wants to change the world. Every day, we harness the power of our ideas to inspire curiosity and transform lives. We do what we love to do to outdo achieving our goals. We make accountability a priority; we are responsible for our words, decisions, actions, and respective outcomes.

We pour heart, soul, and a little moxie into everything we do to empower people and hence each of our tangible/intangible asset is precious for us and we do everything within the legal framework to protect them.

Hloov has legally registered its Brand Assets to protect its brand from any unauthorized use by the third party. Hloov reserves the right to take action as necessary to protect them and, as a result, protect its customers and the public.

To the extent a name, icon, or other brand asset does not appear in our trademarks, this does not constitute a waiver of any intellectual property rights that Hloov and/or its subsidiaries may have established in them anywhere in the world. For additional trademarks information, please contact legal@hloov.com