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Degradation at Alarming Rate!
Cost of Climate Change!
Our Future at Risk
The What

Smart Decisions, Save Lives

Build Responsibly is an awareness and education initiative for a resilient Built Environment lifecycle to address the climate change crisis and save the planet and lives.

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The Why

Our Planet is on Fire!

The Built Environment sector accounts for almost 40% of global energy consumption and CO2 dioxide emissions.  There is a great need for change if we are to combat climate change and make our built environment more sustainable.

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From Purpose to Impact

Stakeholders have a critical role in saving the billions of lives and essential resources from the climate disaster. Build Responsibly program urges everyone to take responsibility for the built environment and make smart choices to save lives.

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“Our decisions today about how we Design, Build, and Use our Built Environment will profoundly impact the climate crisis and future of People, Planet, and Prosperity for all. Every decision counts to Save lives – #BuildResponsibly.”
Suhail Arfath

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Each one of us has a key role to play in turning this grim situation around. Join us in supporting the aim to accelerate Climate Action in the Built Environment and share the posters below to drive the awareness.

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You Owe Us Our Future, Be Responsible With It!
Spread the Word & Save Lives!
250 Million of Us are At Risk, Save Us!
Spread the Word & Save Lives!
Our Tomorrow Is Sinking Fast, Don’t Let It!
Spread the Word & Save Lives!
Your Decisions Are Crucial, Decide Responsibly!
Spread the Word & Save Lives!
Design + Build + Use =  #BuildResponsibly!
Spread the Word & Save Lives!

Knowledge is Empowerment!

Our goal is to equip people with knowledge to keep them updated and aware to take appropriate actions to save our planet and lives.

The fate of New Orleans – Sinking or Crumbling?

New Orleans, a city in the Louisiana is located near Gulf of Mexico on the Mississippi River with nearly 0.4 million people. The city is gradually drowning as global warming is continuing to increase.

Virginia is disappearing under rising tides

Virginia Beach is the coastal city with the population of 1.4 million people. Its climate has warmed about 0.17°C in the last century. The sea level is rising 50 mm every decade.

Venice: A Unique City Facing Severe Challenges

Venice is known for its beautiful architecture – waterways and buildings. But it is gradually sinking underwater and would disappear by this century if no climate actions will be taken.

Dhaka is sinking and here's why

Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh is the largest and most populous city of the country with 20 million people. It is highly vulnerable to climate change.

Houston is sinking faster than expected!

Houston is known as the ‘Energy capital of the world.’ It is the most populous city of the Texas with 2.3 million population. The city is experiencing increase in annual average temperature since 1950.