Global Warming Has a Human Cause!

According to the recent IPCC scientific report, it is "extremely likely" that human influence has been the dominant cause of global warming.

Climate Change Drowning “Venice of the East” – Bangkok
Only One Earth to Build, what can we learn from these Changemakers?
Global Warming Has a Human Cause!
The Evidence Is Overwhelming
With its large carbon footprint, the Built Environment is responsible for nearly 40% of direct and indirect emissions. It also consumes a significant amount of natural resources.

Responsibility to Act!

As Built Environment Professionals, we are responsible for leading the way in protecting our environment and planet for our future generations. Let’s start by driving awareness about the need to Change.

Engage, Educate, Encourage - Everyone!

Hloov Tenet (/ˈtiːnet/) offers a platform to raise awareness and support the pressing need for sustainable practices in the built environment to build a sustainable future for everyone.

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#BuildResponsibly – Get Started Today!
Build Responsibly is an awareness and education initiative that drives the awareness around the need for a resilient build environment lifecycle.