Climate Change

Global Warming Has a Human Cause

The IPCC's sixth assessment report sets out the strong case linking human activities leading to greenhouse gas emissions to climate change.

There is high possibility of increase in extreme weather events with every additional 0.5°C of global warming.


Global Temperature

Source - NASA

The Earth experienced one of its hottest years on record in 2020.

417 ppm

Carbon Dioxide

Source - NASA

The human race is currently experiencing the highest level of carbon dioxide in history.

3.4 ml/year

Sea Level

Source - NASA

Sea levels have been rising over the past century, increasing 8 inches since 1880.

255 billion sqm

Building Footprint

Source - RIBA &

The building footprint is increasing every year with 5.5 billion sqm. A new city equivalent to the size of the Paris is building every week.

35% Share


Source - UNEP

Built Environment Sector needs to aggressively reduce their energy consumption as it is sharing highest amount of global energy demand.

38% Share


Source - UNEP

By 2030, The building industry needs to decrease its carbon emissions by 50% to achieve the world’s NetZero target.

Hloov Tenet

Built Environment Pleading Guilty?

The built environment is responsible for over one-third of global final energy consumption and nearly 40% of direct and indirect carbon emissions.

The sector has a vital role in addressing climate change challenges and must take the lead in that fight.

Hloov Tenet

Achieving NetZero Carbon by 2050

To achieve net-zero carbon targets by 2050, the IEA estimates that direct building CO2 emissions would need to decrease by 50% and indirect building sector emissions decline by reducing 60% in power generation emissions by 2030.

Hloov Tenet

Achieving NetZero Carbon Together

Mitigation and adaptation are two strategies that will help reduce the impact of climate change.

According to the UNDP 2021 Peoples’ Climate Vote, 64% of people said that climate change was an emergency, suggesting that public engagement has a vital role in mitigation and adaptation, resulting in a crucial need for a collaboration platform to reimagine a sustainable built environment.

Climate Change

Hloov Tenet

Hloov Tenet is the philanthropic group of Hloov that aims to raise awareness and support the pressing need for sustainable practices in the built environment to build a sustainable future for everyone.

It’s a global collaboration platform to engage, educate, and encourage – everyone!

About Hloov Tenet

Hloov Tenet is a global collaboration platform to raise awareness for sustainable built practices by engaging, educating, and encouraging everyone.


Raise the awareness for sustainable built practices to promote human wellness.


Raise the awareness for sustainable built practices to reduce its environmental impact to sustain the needs of the present and future generations.


Raise the awareness for sustainable built environment to save the global economy while caring for our planet.



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