Built Environment

Change Is Inevitable

“Built environment’ refers to aspects of our surroundings built by humans, distinguished from the natural environment. These structures tend to exert positive and negative pressures on the natural environment. As the Earth continues to face the ruinous challenge of global warming, the built environment, which accounts for nearly 40% of global carbon emissions, has a crucial role in saving our planet.

The Built Environment Challenges

The built environment is a product of human civilization and the natural landscape. It consumes almost 50% of the world’s non-renewable resources, making it one of the least sustainable sectors on the planet.

Carbon Emissions

Governments are enforcing climate change regulations to reduce the impact of human activities on the planet and it will continue to get more stringent over the coming years.

Rising Costs

90% of the building life cycle cost is attributed to the O&M of the buildings. Due to Covid 19, it has become difficult to balance operations and capital expenditure.

Schedule Overrun

Construction projects take 20% longer to finish than expected. It’s a struggle today to complete projects within schedule due to several reasons.

Consumer Demands

With changing customer expectations, built environment stakeholders, need to constantly iterate and come up with new ideas to meet the changing expectations.

Data Silos

According to reports, over 90% of data is never looked at, read, or even downloaded. Instead, it’s just there — unused and gathering dust in a file cabinet.

Technology Influx

New devices and technologies make it a challenge for the industry to stay on top of everything that is reshaping the future of the built environment.

A New Era

70 Percent of Us

By 2050, more than 70% of all people are expected to live in cities. With increased awareness about the importance of sustainable urbanization, there is a dire need to reimagine the Built Environment.

One way to achieve this is through digital transformations of the built environment that encourage the participation and engagement of citizens – empower people.


Future of Built Environment

Hloov’s Living Digital Twins solutions help you turn threats into opportunities, so your infrastructure assets can meet the future with innovation, flexibility, and collaboration.

Built Environment

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