The Solution

Human-centric, AI-led “LivingTwins”

We’ve got an ambitious plan to reimagine and transform the built environment by empowering its people with the human-centric, AI-led “LivingTwins” to minimize waste and achieve people, planet, and prosperity goals.

Ready to Grow?

We are always open to new partnerships and would love for you to explore our wide range of partnership possibilities. If anything in particular, catches your eye, feel free to get in touch today.

Innovative Technology Partners

We are looking for innovative technology partners to help us unlock the value in the built environment data and provide unique value-driven solutions to our customers. Have you been building tools that address engineering or construction demands? If so, let us explore synergies!

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Futurist Academia Partners

We seek academic partnerships that will help us create a skilled workforce and advance innovation. Our goal is to partner with institutions that have the vision, creativity, and desire needed for success in this area to empower their students by giving them access to what’s possible now and how technology may change our lives tomorrow!

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Scalable Services Partners

We seek regional and global systems integrators to help our built environment sector customers deploy, implement or leverage innovative Hloov technologies. These include services to build, deploy, and maintain LivingTwins of their built environment assets and enable them in their digital transformation efforts.

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Transform the $16.6 Trillion* sector
Let's do this together!

We’re seeking to partner with forward-thinking businesses and professionals who believe in our mission and the importance of transforming the $16.6 Trillion* market size Built Environment to address the urgent need for climate change.

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