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Empowering for Unique and Revolutionary!

By 2025, Gen Z will make up 27% of the workforce and one-third of the Earth’s population. These Gen Z problem solvers must prepare for future ahead which is full of unique challenges.

The Evidence is Overwhelming

With the Construction sector alone having more than 100 million jobs worldwide and 6% of global GDP, the future leaders of Built Environment must grapple with unique and unprecedented challenges and opportunities:

Industry 4.0
Climate Change
Economic Volatility
Future of Work

Industry 4.0 – Fusion of Human & Machine

Automation will disrupt 85 million jobs by 2025 and create 97 million new opportunities with machines and humans working together. The future generations must be prepared to harness technology to drive efficiency and sustainability in the built environment.

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Climate Change: A Serious Threat

The Built Environment is responsible for nearly 40% of global CO2 emissions and there is an urgent need to decarbonize the sector. The Digital Natives will need to be at the forefront of developing solutions to address climate change.

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Economic Volatility

The global construction market is expected to reach US$15.2 trillion by 2030.

Moreover, Capital programs in the sector generally take 20% longer to finish and are up to 80% over budget. To mitigate this, the decision makers will need to rethink on the way it designs, builds and operates.

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Future of Work: Flexible, Diverse and Collaborative

WEF predicts that 1 billion people will need to reskill due to automation disrupting the job landscape. Future workplace will require the next generation and organizations to be flexible to new learnings and opportunities.

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Incubate, Innovate, Impact - Together!

Hloov Hluas is a research and innovation platform that empowers the next generation of problem solvers to develop creative solutions for a sustainable future.

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