Hloov Hluas

Our world is changing fast!

Urbanization is increasing day by day, technology is changing everything we do, environmental pressures are reaching to the alarming levels, and tensions in the society are rising almost in every part of this world. In this rapidly changing world, the worst impact of global warming is on GenZ and generations following them.

Hloov Hluas

Future of work is here!

AI and automation will disrupt 85 million jobs by 2025 and create 97 million new opportunities with machines and humans working together.

But are these young professionals equipped enough to enter "The Future Workplace"?

Connect, Collaborate and Create – Together!

Hloov Hluas aims to provide opportunities to perform research, exercise innovation and creativity, gain exposure and share knowledge on the aspects related to the built environment, thereby empowering the future.


Create a global platform where young professionals and institutions from diverse backgrounds can connect through various initiatives.


Various academic institutions and young professionals can collaborate to outline the challenges being faced by built environment.


Foster advance research and innovation tourneys to solve the challenges of built environment with the help of technological advancements.

Hloov Hluas

Hloov Research

Hloov Research aims to endure leading edge research and knowledge exchange to disrupt, innovate and reform the practices in the built environment for an energy efficient and better tomorrow.


Hloov Hluas will empower the future by providing a holistic platform to the young professionals from different geographies to come together and solve the problems of built environment through advanced research, tourneys and technology innovation.


A platform for the Digital Natives to explore the uncharted and futuristic aspects of built environment from multidisciplinary parameters and facilitate innovation.


A perfect fusion of Industry Experience and Technology Skills that provide a life-changing opportunity for young professionals to gain exposure and real-world work experience.

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Construir is Hloov's innovation contest platform to foster creative thinking and empower digital natives to Ideate, Design, and Create innovation.

Hloov Internship Program 2022

Reimagine Your Tomorrow with a perfect fusion of Industry Experience and Technology Skills.

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