Perspective – Blurring Lines of Art and Data Science

Sachin Kanhurkar is an artist and data scientist who has always been fascinated by the interplay between human perception and objective data. Read about his journey from an artist to a data scientist and how he uses his unique perspective to help develop machine learning models at Hloov.

September 22, 2022
Team Hloov

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of an artist? For many people, it will be paint-filled studios and days filled with creativity as they create beautiful art. But there are others like Sachin Kanhurkar, capturing moments in time using nothing but brush strokes on canvas to bring their curiosity to life.

Born to a farming family in a small village near Pune, India, as a child, Sachin loved exploring the natural surroundings near his home. He would spend hours strolling through the fields, observing the plants and ecological ecosystem around him.

As he grew older, Sachin found great satisfaction in capturing the beauty of nature on canvas and often painted scenes from his childhood memories or other landscapes he had seen during his travels.

"As an artist, he has always been fascinated by the interplay between human perception and objective data while capturing the essence of life itself."

One of Sachin's Art pieces

From Artist to Scientist

When he was just a boy, curiosity led him to choose the field of mechanical engineering and further pursue a Master's in Thermal Engineering. During his master's degree program, Sachin realized technology's role in analyzing, simulating, and solving complex problems; as a result, he developed an interest and expertise in Data Science.

The drive to continuously learn and grow led him to become a Ph.D. research fellow at IIT Bombay and enhance his understanding of the computational and numerical arena. His research, "Modeling the creation of 2D and 3D liquid patterns using Multi-port Lifted Hele-Shaw Cells" was presented at the American Physical Society- Division of Fluid Dynamics (APS-DFD). It was also published in a few other significant publications, such as the APS's Physical Review of Fluids.

Scientist with a Creative Perspective

At Hloov, Sachin is a Data Scientist and works with the team to develop and implement machine learning models that can analyze data from multiple sources, identify patterns and make predictions. The goal is to take the data and turn it into insights that can be used to make better decisions confidently with Tagwaye. Sachin's experience as an artist, engineer, and scientist has all come together to form a unique perspective that he brings to his work at Hloov.

Through his journey, Sachin has realized that art and science are not two different entities but are actually intertwined. How we see our individual perspectives constantly shapes the world, and this subjectivity makes both art and science so unique. Just as artists use their own experiences to inform their work, scientists rely on their observations to form hypotheses and test theories. In many ways, the two disciplines are more similar than they are different!

Sachin Kanhurkar's story is just one example of how the lines between art and science are becoming increasingly blurred. As we continue to explore the world around us, it is becoming clear that there is much more overlap between these two fields than we ever thought possible. So next time you're admiring a beautiful painting or watching a stunning sunset, remember that there is more to it than meets the eye. There is a universe of art and science waiting to be explored!

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