Celebrating Convocation
Celebrating Convocation
Empowering People, One Story at a Time!

My Story l My Hloov

At Hloov, we admire everyone’s passion and nurture it. Find out more from our team about their passion, their story and how their life looks like at Hloov.

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Moment of a Lifetime

A whirlwind of experiences and beautiful memories finally culminated to such a precious moment. I was proud, happy, and emotional as I saw all my hard work getting applauded from the stage - a priceless moment indeed! - Aakanksha Chourasia

Living My Passion, One Voyage at A Time!

An aspiring young digital nomad @Hloov, who loves to explore captivating places around the world, shares his insights about his passion for traveling and the immersive world of working in Digital Twins to reimagine the #BuiltEnvironment.

Way to go, little star! Shine on!

All the hard work that was put in culminated in one wonderful moment, the end of one chapter, and the beginning of another. I'm proud of all my accomplishments over these years, and even happier amidst all my delightful memories as an alumnus! - Sanjana Kotak

Aakanksha Chourasia

"I think this is the best thing about Hloov – I can be “myself.” The company recognizes my unique self and appreciates the diversity in thoughts."

Resma Pachikaran

"Hloov is fantastic because we’re constantly pushing ourselves to do better and be better. There is always something to learn, and there are so many opportunities to go out and be a part of something great."

Neetu Gode

"I love the freedom to be creative and innovative. At Hloov, I’m encouraged to explore disruptive ideas, which feels like an exciting adventure filled with innovation. A place where I can be happy, unique, and me."

Swapnil Kale

Since its inception, I have been with Hloov, and I can proudly say that my work is appreciated, my opinions matter, and my time is well spent. It’s great to be part of a team that encourages every individual to find their own niche."

Sanjana Kotak

"I couldn’t have asked for a better place to start my career with; Hloov is home that empowers me to bring out my best. Hloov is all about giving young people a place where they can be true to themselves."

Jithin J

"Being at Hloov makes me feel associated with something significant in making the world a better place to live for us and generations to come. It’s not just day to day work, but a fun and exhilarating experience as well."