Virginia is disappearing under rising tides

April 15, 2022

Virginia Beach is the coastal city with the population of 1.4 million people. Its climate has warmed about 0.17°C in the last century. The sea level is rising 50 mm every decade. If the global warming continues to rise, the sea level of Virginia Beach would rise by 0.4m to 1.2 m by the end of this century. The city would lose 182 from water clogging without acting for sea level rise adaptation strategies.

The city’s government aims to repurposing storm water infrastructure, green infrastructure, slow density residential areas and enhance mixed use spaces in the city. The northern half of the city is the planned density with low density residential areas. The southern agricultural land projected from sea level rise can be used to develop low density residences.

The city has nine business districts with their own environmental niche. The two business parks of the city are more or like mixed use space. The city is planning to develop mixed use spaces locating where there is lesser impact of floods to boost their economy. Green infrastructure can help to develop ecological resilient buffer zones and reduce the paved areas which help to mitigate flooding in the city.

Climate Change