Venice: A Unique City Facing Severe Challenges

April 12, 2022

Venice is known for its beautiful architecture – waterways and buildings. But it is gradually sinking underwater and would disappear by this century if no climate actions will be taken.

Venice has experienced 1.2°C increase in temperature in comparison to 20th century and on average, 67 times flood events in a year. The No. of hot days has increased 0.3 days to 9.5 days in this century.

Sea level rise by global warming and human activities are threats for the city. It is damaging salt marshes of lagoons. The salt marshes can capture 466 tons of carbon dioxide emissions in a year.  It is expected to increase in floods, soil erosion, loss of habitat and biodiversity. The city will sink by0.31m to 1.35m by 2100.

‘Life Vimine’ is the project to protect the salt marshes and the ecosystem they provide to mitigate the climate change. It is a bioengineered protection by using natural materials which are placed at strategic locations to prevent erosion.

Venice has irregularity in the urban fabric, inadequate planning tools. Tourism has hit the climate change severely. An integrated system of different measures within urban centers is needed to protect built areas of the city.

Climate Change