Rotterdam at the menace of climate change

April 18, 2022

Rotterdam is in the delta of the rivers Rhine and Meuse. The city has open sea links which influence frequent storms and cyclones. The city is vulnerable to climate change impacts as 90% of the city lies below sea level due to rise in sea level. There is an expected sea level rise between 0.3m to 1.1m by 2100.

Land subsidence is the result of compactness and sinkage of soft peat soil because of water extraction. The number of warm nights has increased with temperature above 20°C due to Urban Heat Island Effect.

Rotterdam aims to be 100% climate-proof city by2025. The ‘Delta Plan' of the city include ‘flood-proof’ buildings, ‘flood-proof’ public areas, floating communities and ‘building with nature’. The climate adaptation strategy of the city includes planting of trees and bushes along the streets and open spaces.

Rotterdam is using smart tech to solve the pressing need of mitigating climate change in the city. The water square at Benthemplein is the example climate adaptive project. It is a large multi-functional water square which collects and store rainwater in the public outdoor area.

Climate Change


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