Drowning Alexandria: A tale of crisis

April 15, 2022

Alexandria is a Mediterranean port city in Egypt. It is the largest port in the country. Due to climate change and sea level rise, Alexandria is in the verge of submergence. Alexandria is surrounded on three sides by the Mediterranean and backed by a lake making it vulnerable to sea-level rise caused by global warming and melting of polar ice caps.

Beaches of the area are facing erosion. There is the sinking of the area due to upstream dams that prevent the regeneration of silt and the extraction of natural gas.

Design considerations are identified to minimize the impact of climate change on the built environment in Alexandria. This includes establishing a correlation between building materials and their energy efficiency. Similarly external layout space act as a defender for flashfloods and sea-level rise. Along with this, the concept of elevating the lowest floor was also considered in the design.  

Climate Change


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