Q&A With Architect Divyanshi from Riverside Metropolis

In this Q&A, we talk to architect Divyanshi about her experience joining Hloov as a research intern. She shares what drives her passion for sustainability and climate change, the process of applying and interviewing, and what she looks forward to learning at Hloov. Read on to learn more about her journey!

December 26, 2022
Team Hloov

Architect Divyanshi Sahu Built Environment Research Intern @ Hloov

Tell us about yourself

My name is Divyanshi Sahu; I am an architect from the storied city of Prayagraj in southern Uttar Pradesh. This riverside metropolis is where Ganga and Yamuna mystically meet to create a deep heritage with great cultural significance.
When not working on my craft as an architect, I find myself often drawn to matters related to science and geography - fueled by curiosity, passion for reading, or simply admiration for animals all around me!

What are you passionate about

As an enthusiastic reader, my focus recently shifted to sustainable building practices, considering the dangers of climate change and natural disasters. Through my research and writing on architecture and sustainability, I seek to bring attention to trends speeding us down the path of destruction.

You recently joined Hloov as a research intern; tell us what drove you to choose Hloov

Hloov provides a unique opportunity to join a mission-driven organization focused on making the built environment more resilient and sustainable by empowering people with data science. I had been looking for ways to use my knowledge and learn more about sustainability, and Hloov's mission perfectly fit my desire to change.

"Sustainability is not a trend; it is a way of life, and I am proud to be part of this movement." - Divyanshi, Hloov Research Intern.

Moreover, I am excited about the range of topics and projects I will explore and work on as part of this internship. I look forward to contributing my skillset, exploring new areas, and learning more about sustainability through my research and work at Hloov!

Tell us about your experience during the screening process to secure this internship

The interview and screening process was quite comprehensive, but I felt well-prepared during my conversations with the Hloov team. In addition, they gave me great advice and guidance throughout the process to help me understand their vision, initiatives, and work culture for the internship. I left the process excited to join them as a Built Environment Research Intern!
What are you looking forward to learning during your time at Hloov?
By embarking on the journey with Hloov, I leaped into a fascinating research exploration focused on the built environment and climate change. This enthralling opportunity will enhance my investigation abilities while bolstering my assurance to present in front of others.

"I am excited to join Hloov as a Built Environment Research Intern and look forward to contributing my skillset, exploring new areas, and learning more about sustainability through my research." - Divyanshi, Hloov Research Intern.

During my internship, I look forward to further developing my research and analytical abilities in the sustainability domain while exploring new areas related to data science. Specifically, I want to learn more about leveraging digital tools and how we can foster sustainable development through data-driven decision-making.

Any concluding thoughts?

I'm excited to join the Hloov team and bring my enthusiasm for architecture, sustainability, and culture to their mission. Knowledge and experience gathered through this internship will be invaluable for personal growth and contributing something substantial to the larger conversation on sustainability. Finally, I want to reiterate my commitment to learning more about sustainable development at Hloov and how we can use resources judiciously for a greener tomorrow.

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