Dhaka is sinking and here's why

April 11, 2022

Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh is the largest and most populous city of the country with 20 million people. It is highly vulnerable to climate change. It is facing drastic flooding events at least once in 5 years. Frequency of excessive rainfall will increase in near future. The temperature is projected to increase by 0.7°C in monsoon season and by 1.7°C in summers in the Dhaka city. Increase in temperature will accelerate cooling systems demand in built environment sector.

Dhaka has flat topography with very low elevation. Its high population density is inclined towards poverty, lives in informal settlements and highly exposed to climatic events. City’s infrastructure is not resilient to environmental protections and basic provisions to live within the city’s environment.

The climate mitigation plans of the city are to enhance resilience of urban infrastructure and industries and formulation of land zoning for climate change adaptation. Bangladesh’s climate change strategy and action plan focuses on city’s infrastructure and repair & maintenance of existing flood embarkments and improvement of urban drainage.

Climate Change