We Raise Awareness About Sustainable Practices!

Hloov Tenet (/ˈtiːnet/) is a collaboration and engagement platform that drives awareness about the vast implications of the built environment on the climate crisis and its need to change.

Engage, Educate, Encourage – Everyone!

Tenet’s mission is to raise awareness and support the pressing need for sustainable practices in the Built Environment.

Create a global platform where diverse experts can collaborate on practical solutions for building a sustainable future.


Build awareness of the pressing need to eliminate waste in the built environment to maintain our resources for future generations.


Highlight and celebrate the efforts of leading advocates for sustainable practices in the built environment to inspire others to act.

Everyone has a Role to Play!

The Built Environment is a significant contributor to the climate crisis that needs to change. We aim to make sustainability mainstream so that it becomes a norm rather than an exception in the built environment.

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Collaboration is Key to Success!

Hloov Tenet takes a practical, solution-oriented approach with its three (3) collaboration programs – ChangEnvoy, Research, and Outreach.

Our ChangEnvoy program connects and supports individuals and organizations making a difference in the built environment.


We conduct original research on sustainability issues, trends and solutions in the built environment to share with everyone.


We partner with diverse organizations to develop and deliver educational content on sustainability in the built environment for everyone.

ChangEnvoy: Ambassadors for Sustainability

ChangEnvoy is a diverse group of experts in construction, sustainability, technology, and academia with a passion for sustainability and committed to making the world better.

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Together We Can,
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