We Empower Next Generation!

Hluas (/hlʊɑːs/) is a research and innovation platform that empowers the next generation of built environment problem solvers to develop creative solutions for a sustainable future.

Incubate, Innovate, Impact – Together!

Hluas’s mission is to Inspire & Empower The Next Generation of built environment leaders and problem solvers through research, technology, and innovation to build a brighter future for everyone.

Foster young researchers, leaders, and changemakers committed to incubating creative solutions for a sustainable future.


Invest in and support early-stage research and innovation that has the potential to create a social or environmental impact on a scale.


Work with partners across sectors to build an evidence base for effective policy and practice and drive a large-scale change.

Power to Change The World!

Empowering the next generation of leaders and problem solvers is essential to solving the world’s most pressing challenges. So, we empower them with the resources, platform, and community to turn their ideas into action.

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Collaboration is Key to Success!

We work with academia, industry, and institutional partners to create a platform for young people to incubate, innovate, and impact the built environment through our (3) three-pronged approach - Research, Academia, and Construir.

We offer research projects and fellowships to young scholars committed to creative solutions for the most pressing problems of today and tomorrow.


We partner with educational institutions across disciplines to bring theory to practice and create unique student innovation and experience opportunities.


We organize global hackathons and competitions that bring together the best and brightest minds to solve real-world problems with the latest technology stack.

A World Empowered!

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