It’s in our Name

The word “Hloov” originates from the ancient Asian language – Hmong, translating to “Change.”

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

Golden Triangle +

It’s in our Identity

People, Process, Technology, and Data: Each puzzle piece in Hloov’s symbol represents a crucial element for the digital transformation of the built environment. We believe all four facets need to innovate to reimagine a better and sustainable built environment.

Empower People

It’s in our Mission

Hloov’s mission is to empower built environment people to achieve People, Planet, and Prosperity goals by minimizing waste.

Diverse Perspectives

It’s in our Values

Our values help us to achieve what we say we do. Diversity and inclusion are at the nucleus of our values; we celebrate them as we do innovation.

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Laws of Nature

It’s in our Vision

Hloov aims to restore an equitable balance between the built environment needs and finite natural resources to create a world that embraces People, Planet, and Prosperity.


Leading the change, together!

Meet our team of changemakers who come from diverse backgrounds and wide range expertise in data science, technology & built environment.

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