We Empower People with Data Science!

Hloov is a pioneer in human-centric AI for the built environment that empowers people to minimize waste and achieve goals.

Our Mission

To Empower Built Environment People with data science to minimize waste and achieve People, Planet, and Prosperity goals.


The “People” pillar represents our commitment to people empowerment by making data science accessible to everyone for informed decision-making.


The “Planet” pillar symbolizes our commitment to preserving natural resources and protecting natural habitats for future generations.


The “Prosperity” pillar is about minimizing waste, which means we want every dollar spent to create the most value for everyone.

Our Team

Digital Natives and Industry Veterans, Hloovers are diverse, passionate, curious, and courageous people who do not hesitate to put forward ideas that inspire the world.
Our Values

Diversity and inclusion are at the core of our values. We Celebrate Diverse Perspectives & Voices as we do Innovation.
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Our Name

The word Hloov (/hluːv/) originates from the Asian language – Hmong, meaning “Change”.

Hloov – /hluːv/

Our Identity

Hloov’s symbol represent People, Process, Technology, and Data, four crucial elements for the digital transformation of the built environment.

Our Vision

Create a World with an Equitable Balance between the Built Environment’s needs and Finite Natural Resources.

We aim to achieve our vision by empowering people with our three (3) key platforms.


An AI-driven living digital twins platform to define, dissect, decide – confidently!


A collaboration and engagement platform to engage, educate, encourage – everyone!


A research and innovation platform to incubate, innovate, impact – together!

Together We Can!

We invite you to join us to reimagine a built environment that embraces People, Planet, and Prosperity for everyone.