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Business leaders make nearly three billion decisions annually, yet most lack access to timely, accurate, actionable data, and insights to make well-informed decisions.


Every Decision Has a Consequence!

The Built Environment is one of the most complex and critical ecosystems, constantly evolving and changing, making it challenging to keep up and make informed decisions, often resulting in adverse consequences on People, Planet, and Prosperity:

50% – Natural Resources

The built environment accounts for over 50% of all raw materials used annually.

40% – Carbon Emissions

Nearly 40% of global CO2 emissions come from the built environment.

36% – Energy Consumption

Buildings account for almost one-third of the world’s total energy consumption.

80% – Cost Overruns

The final cost of large projects is typically 80% more than initial estimates.

40% – Schedule Delays

77% of megaprojects around the globe are 40% or more behind schedule.

30% – Rework Waste

Rework accounts for between 2% and 20% of the total project cost.

In other words: we need a serious rethink about decision-making in the built environment!


To Reimagine
Built Environment!


Next Generation Digital Twins Platform!

Tagwaye (/tæg weɪ/) is a human-centric AI-led Living Digital Twins Platform that empowers the Built Environment people with decision intelligence to make complex and critical decisions confidently.

THE HOW – Decision Intelligence

Next Evolution in Decision Making!

Tagwaye is the next evolution in decision making, fusing Human Instinct with AI objectivity to provide actionable decision intelligence that helps you avoid costly mistakes, optimize performance, and improve outcomes.

Human Intuition

Leverage your highly tuned innate human intuitions and experience.

AI Rational

Complement human intuition with AI objectivity and recommendations.

Human + AI

Make real-time informed decisions confidently by leveraging the best of both.

The Next Phase in Decision-Making Evolution

Tagwaye takes a different approach by Fusing Human Instinct with AI Objectivity.

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Human Intuition

Leverage your highly tuned innate human intuitions and gut instinct developed from years of experience and exposure to distinct types of situations.

An approach that puts user needs, requirements, and abilities at the center of the development process.

AI Rational

Complement your human intuition with AI objectivity and recommendations to identify patterns, behaviors, correlations, and trends that would otherwise go unnoticed.

An Ai-Driven product is one which derives its core user experience and competitive advantage from the use of machine learning, and AI.

Human + AI

With Tagwaye, make real-time informed decisions confidently by leveraging the best of both human intuition and AI rationalization, no more chasing down stakeholders for information or relying on outdated documents.

The key is that humans are not interfacing directly with data but rather with the possibilities produced by AI's processing of the

Human-centric AI-driven

Digital Twins Platform

Hloov aims to empower Built environment people to make proactive, data led decisions in real-time through our Living Digital Twins platform - Tagwaye.

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Tagwaye's Living Digital Twins

Capture the Real-World Essence

Digital Twins are the real-time digital counterparts that can help you to decarbonize your Built Environment. Living Digital twins utilize the potential of AI to improve decision-making by placing user needs, requirements, and abilities at the center.

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Living Digital Twins provide various benefits in addition to boosting the performance of your assets:

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Break Data Silos

With data from disparate sources, Living Digital Twins reduce data silos and generate value across a project's lifecycle, boosting the transparency of building workflows.

Minimize Waste and Downtimes

AI-generated predictions and actionable insights provided by Living Digital Twins aid in minimizing waste & unplanned downtimes leading to optimization of building lifecycle.

Reduce Costs and Risks

Living Digital twins enable "What if?" & "As if?" scenarios to improve asset performance by establishing actionable insights to maximize profitability and reduce risks.

Start Making Decisions Confidently!

Hloov’s Vision

Create a World with an Equitable Balance between the Built Environment’s needs and Finite Natural Resources.

We aim to achieve our vision by empowering people with our three (3) key platforms.


An AI-driven living digital twins platform to define, dissect, decide – confidently!


A collaboration and engagement platform to engage, educate, encourage – everyone!


A research and innovation platform to incubate, innovate, impact – together!

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