Reimagine Built Environment

Hloov aims to empower Built environment people to make proactive, data led decisions in real-time through our Living Digital Twins platform Tagwaye.

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Empower People

Who we are

Hloov is a pioneer in human-centric AI for the built environment that empowers people to minimize waste and achieve goals.

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Engage Today

Hloov Tenet

Tenet is a collaboration and engagement platform that drives awareness about the vast implications of the built environment on the climate crisis and its need to change.

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Empower Tomorrow

Hloov Hluas

Hluas is a research and innovation platform that empowers the next generation of problem solvers to develop creative solutions for a sustainable future.

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Make an Impact


Hloov is the perfect amalgamation of digital natives and digital immigrants who empower each other with their innate strengths. Come as you are and join us in transforming the Built Environment.

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